8.2. RMD Heavy-Duty Support System

  • csm_RMDM51000 MEGA Support – 8 standard elements from 90 mm up to 5,400 mm
  • S150 SUPER Support – 9 standard elements from 1000 mm up to 3,600 mm
  • Amazing, universal modular system composed of only a few components for undergirding heavy loads, for leg loads up to 750 kN
  • Can be used as individual supports, shoring towers or as frame constructions for tunnel projects and as truss girders in bridge construction work
  • Any type of structure can be implemented with sensible accessories, such as heavy-duty jack-screws, articulated feet and node connecting elements, thus keeping special parts to a minimum
  • The really special feature – effortless jack screwing that is kind on the material even at full load!
  • The flange mounted hydraulic system can generate a counterforce to such an extent that jack-screw element is relieved of loading and the nut can be turned by hand.