1.3. Anchoring Set for Foundations

  • csm_VA_SetEarthquake-proof anchoring, worldwide! C2 Approval for the highest stressing of buildings is there!
  • For anchoring all types of steel structures, high-rack systems, machines and concrete components
  • With general building authority approval
  • Anchoring proved in practice for tie bars with centimetre tolerances in concrete construction work and millimetre tolerances in steel
  • Up-to-date force transmission using a shear force interlocking system; no cumbersome traversing anchor bars.
  • No costly welding jobs necessary
  • Permissible service loads from 15 kN to 400 kN per anchor bar
  • Rapid installation in a double or multiple set
  • Great level of installation safety due to complete accessory package for right assembly
  • All necessary individual components from one source
With these inexpensive ROBUSTA Anchoring Sets, we are offering a practical, safe anchoring system, which is clearly defined at the critical interface between concrete and steel, to all those involved in construction work.
ROBUSTA Anchoring Sets are the perfect link between coarser concrete and very precise steel construction work (or mechanical engineering). The first step is to concrete shaped corrugated tube sheaths into a base plate or foundation. In this process, installation tolerances of up to 10 cm have been possible in practice!
Only once the shell construction work has been completed are the anchor bars precisely measured with the anchoring plates and cast in the tubes. The tube and anchor plate dimensions are harmonised with each other in such a way that lateral play of +/- 1.5 cm or more remains.
Improvisation can be avoided at a construction site since the complete supply package is from one source, including all necessary installation aids and templates, identifiers and mortar for casting. Complicated, self-made template holders are completely superfluous.
Please get in contact with us for thorough planning. We will be delighted to advise you.

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ROBUSTA-anchoring grout
ROBUSTA-anchoring grout 4-50-90 for anchoring sets in sacks of each 25 kgs.
ROBUSTA-anchoring set
ROBUSTA-anchoring set according to order
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