• ROBUSTA-NoDrill: Forget about Drilling!

ROBUSTA-NoDrill: Forget about Drilling!

Save 60% time and 25% costs? Take ROBUSTA-NoDrill! Fix your edge protection systems easily and cost-effectively! ROBUSTA-NoDrill is the time-efficient and flexible solution for setting anchor points in concrete slabs and floor slabs.

And the best of all: NoDrill is compatible for mounting many common Edge Protection systems! We are sure these advantages will convince you to the full.

Your advantages:

  • Reduce your material, wage and personnel costs by 25%**
  • Save 60% installation time**
  • Durable and very easy to find!
  • No damage to lines during concrete core activation!
  • Low transport and storage costs

** Ø value compared to drilling


How ROBUSTA-NoDrill works:

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